What is Twenty Biteen Buttons?

Twenty Biteen Buttons is an Etsy store selling pinback buttons that are primarily focused on LGBT+ pride. It is managed by one entire person, not a corporation or anything.

Why “Twenty Biteen”?

Like 2018 was Twenty Gayteen, 2019 was Twenty Biteen, when the store was established.

Who owns Twenty Biteen Buttons?

A bi and trans person originally from the UK who now lives in Florida with their wife (who is pan)! I like to create™ and like to share what I have made. Yes, it’s a little bit of additional income too, but we do what we must to live in this capitalist nightmare.

How do I buy buttons?

This website is basically a secondary display for the Etsy store, all purchases are made through Etsy, not through 20biteenbuttons.com. All the button links here link directly to Etsy.

Do you ship internationally/outside the US?

Yes! Though due to the US postal service’s pricing, it may be a little more than what you expect, this is unfortunately out of my control.

How many button designs do you have? Will more be added?

The tiger stripe buttons alone amount to over 150 variations! I intend to add new buttons semi-regularly, though I do work full time as well as managing the store, so I may not be able to add new designs as often as I would like.

Will there ever be buttons in other sizes?

Possibly, but not in the foreseeable future.

Can I request a custom design/a variation of a button for another gender or flag/suggest button ideas?

Absolutely!! You can do this via the Custom Order feature on Etsy or by sending me a message on Etsy.